Saturday, 28 January 2017

Battle ground of U.P. election

Upcoming U.P. legislative election have created a endless race course arena to convince voters with day-dream of undesirable development, poverty, hunger, lodge etc. All of the political parties is trying to attract people with every possible prospects like that election is the last to eradicate whole calamity from the state. Just called it as a ‘NETA TYPE’ propaganda and may of then want to look original socialistic politicians behind the background of Bahubali. Voters have no idea about any parties. In fact, because history till independence prove it. People has choosen those leaders who ever suck their profits, their rights and also try to down their voice.
U.P. knows for the highest population so, naturally it has a largest enrolled voters in the country. Political potential of the state effected very sharply to the national politics. Now, U.P. has strucked among SP, BSP, BJP etc but No one could prove its loyalty to the state. Where, Mayawati’s corruption high as elephant contrarily, Akhilesh yadav’s inability in maintenance of law and order also should a top priority of voters at the time of vote cast. Muslim and Anti-Muslim incumbency of U.P. hits political gaining of BJP and caste-politics of state also draw a major role play in election. Religious polarization is the biggest issue for BJP. Communal rites of mujaffarnagar and dadari kand  is the key point of BJP for political support of bigot hindu’s or sympathetic vote for hope of ram mandir, which probably a panacea topic of manifesto of BJP but not a realistic.

It is time, People have to decided very consciously. They needn’t pay attention towards glimpase of promises. Voters of U.P. should define among them and choose who is truly sincere about state’s upgrowth and prosperity of backward.

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