Monday, 28 March 2016

Shameful for our MP (Shatrughan Sinha)

Mr. Shatrughan sinha has elected Second times from Patna Sahib Constituency in 2014.  Mr. Sinha consists of very charmful, dashing & glamorous personality towards people especially bihar.  When he had elected as Member of Parliament in 2009, the majority of voters asked for development in their respected locality and otherwise loud the voice of people in parliament for plight of people’s living condition.  In that 1st tenure, he had rarely visited his constituency, also he didn’t try to build any project in their area.  I often watch the proceeding of Loksabha but, except one or two times, Mr. Sinha didn’t seems to be serious for his constituency.  Meanwhile, the responsible voters tried to paste his missing poster but, Mr. Sinha didn’t have any effect of that.

The storm of Modi in 2014, I don’t know, sinha how to manage or get 2nd time ticket from BJP at same constituency?  Where his image as a MP was negative.  The large No. of voters had astonished by the decision of BJP.  Because 1st tenure of sinha is too worst in the comparison of neighbor area’s MP.  However in 2014, Shatrudhna Sinha again elected MP, not at the power of himself but in the name of Narendra Modi.
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Two and half years passed without fulfilled any promises of Sinha.  Patna Sahib seem to be an orphan constituency in Loksabha.  An MP should careful for their people, but patna sahib have no voice in Loksabha, carefulness is far behind.  No one care for it.  Why should others look at it?  Because their MP often seen as sleepy posture in parliament, rare visits his area and rare arrival at parliament session.  whenever he is in any programme at patna sahib then, he always tells filmy dialogue ‘Khaamosh’.  But, In parliament, Mr. Sinha seemed to be smell a snake.  So, we are not appreciate the work of our mp till now.

Shatrughan Sinha is seems to be at proudy stance.  He is being expressed that type of insensitiveness for their people, he will pay for this.  No one party can save him by defeat, also BJP.  Voters had choosen for work, not for waste time or money.

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, who regret for casted his vote like that insensitive mp…

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