Monday, 22 June 2015

Mentality of Bollywood's Director

Good Morning with delight... There is a burning issue of our respective society is one the censor of Bollywood. The indication of film industry is clearly revealed to move towards Nudity or, we can said that it has reached the zenith of vulgerization also, vulgarised. There was an era, where on time, Actress Nargis hadn't get into her scraf, Resulting Censor Board refused to give certificate. But Today, for the name of modernisation, competition to get more crores, and even to show partisan of youth, They want to raze the fame of indian culture & its civilization. De facto, There is no doubt, Nudity of Film industry attracts teenager even youth, Inferior dress of actress like Sunny Leone, Rakhi Sanvant provide them some-time spree but, After that How much effect on their mind, their conscience? Many research found, merely the exhibition of half naked body, They strongly attract towards genetics implementation, Rise question Why, How, When? Specially for teenager, who also seeks to know by their parents, You can't imagine that How do those parents manage situation? Indeed, whose apathy creating that type of consequence? People loudly blame Government, said, that is compeltely irksome, even the result of insensitivity of censor Board. However, If we consider deeply throughout top to bottom, found 'not one of them is guilty' but top most officer of censor board don't seem to be accountable for their duty to save Name & Fame of indian society. Few months ago, reveal the cause of insentivness in bribery scam. Government has responsibility to save the voilence of constitution, so They would take strong action against irresponsible officers. Directors who try to enhance pornography, also lodged FIR and send to jail anyone who try to manage the dignity of India. I hope like as 'good days of modi' and said same "Achche Filmo ke bhi, achche din aayenge." Writer :- ASHWANI KUMAR, who ever want to become a well-known columnist...

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