Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Condition of old in Society

Truely, The condition of old is not well in our respected Indian society. There was an era, when children were relaxed in the lap of grand Mother and disappear to the blitzing world of angles' story. Now, There aren't enough interesting story of grand mother. Today's modernization made it loom in the society, or send to the old home whether, their parents don't want to appear his child to them. What happen with those parents in future? Will their son not treat same as which they are doing? Would those not go through old age? There all answer wouldn't satisfy anyone. Why? because 'tit for tat'.

 Present condition for old age in all class of society is not so good. often, The Harassment of old like Father, Mother, Grandfather has become the symbol of irretative, which completely uncultured. Whether, let us talking about well educated senior citizen like Ex. Government servant or, Middle & low class. All over in the country echoing that type of problems. What is the solution for it? Government have to try an ordinace for the safety of senior citizen and it is also enacted. But, else they have fail to provide facilities from their child. Everyone has become selfish. First, they would try to capture the right upon patrimonial heritage. After which, Start mental harassments of olds. Where are leaking to cause this? Has education not better than 5 decade ago? Or, should moral education neccesiate in the present syllabus? Now, we come at today's children. Today his childmind is changing, his innocent face has reducing and his sociological environment has profane. so, we can said that When , society didn't exist as previous decade, People are changing then vehemently, children, their gesture also will be rejuvenate. That also surviving our adult at present. 

 Writer : - ashwani kumar, who ever want to become a Independent Remarker.....

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