Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Political legacy shaping danger

Good morning.. Hello everyone. Politics means 'Raaj-niti', how to make people for their support, which will ensure their all expectations and also exploit people for the name of democracy. India have suffered 58 year of independence and 55 years of its own constitution. But, we have seen many politicians to enhance nepotism for echoing their fame in politics during these days. For example, Biju patnayak bring up his son Naveen patnayak, son-in-law of NTR is Chandrababu Naydu has become chief minister of Simandhra, one of the most lusty example of political legacy excepts Congress who ever collect his relatives and so called 'forecast climate engineer' i.e. 'Ramvilas Paswan'. Paswan always stressing for free relative politics but unfortunately he is initiative and responsible for it in the compression of other leaders. Lalu Prasad Yadav is also being frightened his both of son from their assuming safe seet in Bihar Election besides his wife 'Rabri' has has existed 15 year period of Chief Minister.

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If we look into Congress, The list of heritage make irksom. Pd. Nehru, Indira Ghandhi, 
Rajiv, Sanjay, Sonia Gandhi, Menka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Varun Gandhi and may add a name of Priyanka in list. If we look throughout top to bottom in that burning issue we found deep anger in the party workers. Anyone can't imagine to ensure party chief chair. No one is washed with milk. Politicians of every party want ticket of election for their son besides himself. Chief Minister of U.P. Akhilesh Yadav hasn't experience about administration or politics but, Netaji given throne of state to his heart piece. What is happening in U.P. till now? The no. of crime against women, rape, extoration and unruly activity by sp's has reached to zenith. The main reason of heritage-Nepotism politics happening in this country only because lack of proper accountability to the people from politicians. These politicians are making ridiculous and assertively enhance their legacy to regime on people. If they are trying to use people's mandate so, they should forthwith forsake these lust. Because people will wakeup for their right or, against Nepotism which day politicians will uproot from sacred land of Indian democracy who ever habituate its own interest.

writer:- ashwani kumar, who ever want to become an independent remarker...

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