Saturday, 7 November 2015

Diwaali : Secularist can be avoid light

The month of festival according to hindu dharma is ashwain & Karthik, Both of the months consist large no. of festival like dushhara, Diwaali, Chhath etc.  Which is the most important religious activity for hindu devotee. Often we have to listen for waste of water in Holi, drawness will create danger for us but, No one can indicate how long is history of holi or Diwaali in present era. 2000 years ago, we were celebrated also holi & lightening the lamp at the occasion of festival of light.  I am really amazed when, these secularist become silent at the all festival of muslims or cristians.  Every festival of islam teach slaughtering, But why didn’t any right activist loud their voice against it?

Image result for diwaali diya imageDiwaali is the symbol of prosperity and happiness.  The dark night of amawasya  gloom when every corner of houses lightening with ‘diyaas’. But unfortunately low lasting chinease electrical bulb & diya have took place over desi soiled diya.  Today’s situation is very critical at the circumstance of economical and dependable on china. Who ever a silent enemy for India.  Now, They are trying to broke our nation at the form of business, which caused unemployment in may sector like small businessmen and labour class.

So, There is nothing happen but, in the name of intolerance, Diwaali would also poached by secularist.  I couldn’t understand the mentality of secularist or, the meaning of exact secularism during I learnt to read newspaper.  Today’s secularism means pro-muslim and anti-hindu.  According to them, Hindu hasn’t have any human right.  All rights are made only for muslims.  So, we can say that in this diwaali,  Secularist can avoid light because light shouldn’t focus on them, which can be stain on their psudo-secularism…..

Are you agree with me?

Writer:- Ashwani kumar….. who ever want to become an independent remarker….. 

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