Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The role of Media in Democracy

According to Abraham Lincoln “Democracy is for the people, it is of the people and that is by the people.  That slogans of Lincoln definitely appropriate with the success achieved by democracy in democratic country like India.  But we can’t think of democracy without impartial media.  The role of media in democracy just as sentinel of public rights.  Media is known for fourth pillar of democracy.  We can say that the media is a symbol of freedom of expression.  there is a big and effective role of media in democracy like India, because the constitution of India secure right of press in article 19(A) which give us independency of speak, organize public meetings and right to oppose peacefully any initiatives.

Image result for The role of Media in Democracy image            Today’s present condition, media is playing a grand role in the political and social stability of the nation.  Impartial Journalism secure the future of democracy and demand more transparency in system also.  Therefore, print and electronic media have proved its importance many times by their loyalty for nation.  2G scam, coal scam, agusta westland scams and many more are exposed by media reports which scam shacked nation.  By the help of this reports government probed it and reality would exposed.  However, There are also black spot present in the form of prejudice reporting, paid news and political biased.  But the body like press council of India have also constitute to heed on that types of matter.

            Now, It is the era of internet.  Where, Social media is playing a new role in our democracy.  it is clear that the social media obviously loud voice of common man to the world.  Freedom of expression really revealed here.  Whenever, any sensitive issues happened in the country, social media firstly boil over that issue, people also write and trend their own conception on that.  Hence, we can say that the after print media, electronic media was giving strength to our democracy, social media also strengthen it.  We can’t deny over impartiality of social media because, often seen to have that many people try to impose their prejudice notion on country which is not preferable for democracy.

Image result for The role of Media in Democracy image            Therefore, We conclude that the role of media in democracy is need for improvement of infrastructure, security of journalist, hurdle with government or planning for better journalism are reveal a lack of will in government.  So, The future of democracy is totally depend upon the impartiality of journalism and the impartiality of journalism also depend on the faithfulness of journalist towards nation.

Writer:-  Ashwani kumar, who ever want to become an independent remarker.

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