Thursday, 30 July 2015


Now, After a long days, I have come to express our conception in witch language ‘English’. So, I am talking about current political stability of Bihar State today. Therefore, presently flowing here the storm of election. So, Naturally there have arrived a lot of politicians to strengthen their ground. Many would be politicians rounding the office of parties to ensure his ticket in election. Allegation-Reallegation is at the zenith in state. One side BJP along with his colleague attack on their rivals with a lot of union ministers including prime Minister. BJP says ‘kya chalegi bharasta, apradhion our ahankarion ki sarkar, so abki baar bhajpa sarkar’. Another side, Nitish also attacks with his dubious friend lalu on BJP, and they want to prove wrong the reign of BJP in central government yet. Nitish launched a propaganda in the form of ‘Har-Ghar dastak’. All corners of the city exist with a big hording of Nitish quoted ‘Yun hi badhata rahe bihar, ek baar phhir nitish kumar’.
                                               But, The main question, who is best for people, which is the most beneficent for common man? Many question rises in the sense of good governance, development and humanitarian MLAs, but No one want to answered there question. Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes to Bihar and what is doing? Repeated same promises, sharply attacks on existence government. Probably, Modi would be forgotten their promises of good days. Just same as ‘Contrary thief scolded police(ulta chor kotwal ko daante). Narendra Modi  had also promised for the ‘special status of Bihar’, However Now he saying for only financial help. Nitish and Lalu come from J.P. Movement but both of ideology are different. Both are concentrate on their political benefit. Most hilarious part of their friendship is critising with couplet on one-another. Because, JDU & RJD find their odds of benefit in sit-sharing coalition. Hence, What can we expect by these politician to ensure the safety, law control, poorness & even development. That answer would be future.

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, who ever want to become an ‘Independent remarker’.

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