Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How big is the network of examination Mafia?

The question for decades educated youth of the country is concerned. Despite the good in reading and writing millions of youth can not find jobs. Government departments from the nominal vacancies is taken in 2-3 years, it is deeper look mafia examination. What is the result? Despite being qualified candidate Ayogyon worship begins. Ultimately she mentors headhunting rituals of manners which has officers. Who says money's not everything can be bought? We do the same job means everything to the students. These jobs nowadays real-estate business has become like a minor. Once the parents invest in savings in this sector, and to make life fun. Car, house, pension, Aeso-rest and the beautiful daughter that 10-15 million.
                                                                      The state has, in our country's education system. Imposition of education system of India based on the British moved their jobs, because they were non. But the same system followed by 67 years, who are our own. Perhaps he is right, the "We robbed of loved ones, where Gairon was back. The last 67 years we have been robbed of the vote in the name of the job and we are not rob, the irony. Why not upon any government its strong will show what our government has become a slave of Englishness so that foreign languages, not foreign laws can show a way out? Do not waste 10 years learning English, then in the prime of life to remember history-geography. Yet it Servicemen Khlao no guarantee you, if you have no money, then yes. The job situation has caused several epidemics. This is not just about government jobs, but private and other institutions is the same. uncontrolled population growth has started bearing, where 500 posts are being filled to form 20 million. It is reserved for the half-term mafia. There add, from India to China to further his secular policies. Only then 500 posts Form 50 million to be sold, the more revenue you will.
                                                                        Overall, given the progress of the country are constrained by unqualified officers. In various departments such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry, Finance Ministry, for the development of the country who are in need of fast-paced bureaucracy, there is currently a glut of Bhonde officers and employees. Of whom? Commissions are appointed officials accountable government. Why not take action on such commissions should be, because of the indifference of qualified candidates are denied their rights. Recently SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination was canceled 3 times but got his fingers on the results. Bihar police recruitment exam Abhierthiyon name of the governor during the training, the number of districts that have asked for the truth surfaced. Such actions are not what the Commission had their own official examination Ghant are allied with the mafia? At times of political interference comes in. MP Vyapam scam was exposed because of a lapse, even if not many such exams and appointments have been, and will be, but you will not find anyone. Recruitment Examination Board and the Commission in the country in the name of job turnover is worth billions. As a result, young people have been born in a state of abject despair, suicide cases has increased. In this case the present government and the court should come out of this flawed system-wide reform. I do not, all experts agree that running a government job because the facilities and meet society's respect. Cut features and the 'special' from 'ordinary' way of making more accessible may be. Not possible, but it should start to our Prime Minister.

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Author: - Ashwani Kumar, a student who wants to be an independent commentator.

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