Sunday, 2 August 2015

Innocent ‘Yakub’ along with secular leaders

What happening with our country now? A terrorist, who is responsible to take life of 257 people and which is innocent in the view of our secular politicians. Today, the meaning of ‘Secular’ word has convert into ‘Coward Nationalist’. Few muslims & secular leaders was hyping that Yakub is muslim so, he hanged. Their stance is totally irksome. They were demanded to release him in the name of religion. Though, Hypocrites should have a limit, but they are limitless fool, burden on nation and have ridiculous mind. Yakub Memon, which is a brother of Tiger Memon. Tiger Memon is the main accused of 1993 mumbai blast and Yakub had help him to planting the bombs and other arrangements for colleague terrorist. The rumor is that Yakub had surrendered after blast and collaborate with cops to investigate into incident. But why did he not reveal any evidence of surrender to the court.
                                                 Owaisi initiated for the mercy of yakub. He said that why don’t hang hindu accused of Babri demolition, Godhara incident? Court was made hang Yakub because of muslim. But, probably Owaisi hasn’t knowledge about mumbai balst. Other accused of the blast is also muslim so, why did their death penalty change into life custody? That is the proof of court. Court is true secular, Justice for all is its moto. 300 achievers including politicians, film-maker, actor and former justices has send a mercy petition to the president. Why? Was Yakub a good citizen? He was humanitarian in the sense of these great men, specially Salman Khan.
                                                 Many of people are making discussion for elaborate death sentences. But, Is it the sign of restrain hineaous crimes like terror. Significant point of this conception is totally bias upon victim. Often seen that victim is poor & inferior, but accused exist rich. So, How people discuss about erase death penalty? I completely fail to understand and I can’t agree with those ever. Thanx…

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, Patna…who ever want to become an independent remarker…

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