Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Radhe Maa : Disgrace for Hindu

Well, The no. of fraud ascetic and showing himself as a incarnation of god are rapidly growing day by day. First, saint Aasharam was acting as god and behind it, he was exploited many ladies even body harassment in the shelter of hinduttva. After that saint Rampal was bath with milk by his blind devotee. But, all of them who used hinduttva as a business, as a profession have punished by court and send to jail. However, Even large no. of hypocrites are also exist in that country and live in laxity. There is an example of ‘Radhe Maa’. Who is the different in the comparison of other Baba’s. She dances at the music of Bollywood. She lifted in the lap of devotee also kiss her. She wears goggles like as celebrity. So Finally, These are enforcing and symbolized in our modern hinduttva. The question rises upon it, why not so called ascetic travel in lax cars? Why not dancing on Filmi song? Is she not a common man?
                                                                 Although, For this incident, Radhe Maa is not an alone guilty. When devotee trust to feed red sweet besides green with ‘Samosa’ for change fate themselves and follow the twilight instruction of ‘Nirmal Baba’. Because, Foolness has not limit. Radhe maa has accused for dowry harassment, complaint filed by a lady, whose husband follow her idea. Now, The exploit of Radhe maa has come out and expose her worst work.
                                                                Altogether, Today Hindu dharma have the character of mocking. That type of Baba made it loom of the brightness of hinduttva, its calmness, its sacreness. Government of India must be bring an ordinance to restrict these Baba’s, who growing as mushroom and exploit the beauty of our ancient society even country. Anything happened but after which our hinduttva attracts world and rise question, How sacred India? Untill, Ganga exist on this land, Tulsi exist on houses. The dignity of India will safe.

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, who fill very disappointed, when People make fool in the shelter of Dharma. Because, we have so many ved, Ramayan, Geeta & Puran to pioneer our good way.
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