Tuesday, 6 October 2015

'Beef : Bone of Contention' should be banned

Obviously, Can  any animal become peer of Mother? Can anybody worship her? The huge No. of people would say 'yes'. Because, Hindu accept cow assuming existence of all god, made it vivid incarnation of god. Her milk is so sacred, her urine is very useful for the treatment in many cronic diseases and today's science also proved it. America took 4 patents on 'Desi Gaumutra' and making medicine on fatal disease like cancer. The faith on cow is an important position in hindu families. But, unfortunately, Muslims slaughter cows in the slaughterhouse and selling beef. Few days back, A muslim family was cooking beef into the house then this rumor spread all around in the related village ear by ear so, lastly crowd of angry people attacked on them and dead one person spottly.

Image result for gau hatya imageShould beef be eaten by Muslim, who always trying to prove himself a firm believer towards Islam. If cow is the symbol of faith for another community, she looks as a shadow of god so, they shouldn't more use it, they shouldn't slaugh animal like cow. When The voice against beef have echoed in that country demanding stricts law against beef. But, Have these law enforced ban on beef in every corner of the India. This question rises when, because many states already enforced beef ban like- U.P, Maharastra, Hariyana etc. What did the result extracted? The reality is very shameful for these concerned state. There is very easy to slaugh cow by anybody and No one has took action against them by administration. The officials have fear of rite between both community. So, Ban on beef is very easy but, restriction of this is as hard as maintaing mob.

Lastly, People shouldn't attention on any ridiculous politician who advices to eat it or not, Because muslims are a responsible community and they have equal responsibility for the nation. If they will totally abstain from beef volunterly so, they must be close to the heart of hindus.....

Writer:- ashwani kumar, who ever want to become an independent remarker...

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