Sunday, 28 February 2016

Reservation burning India…

A fact about the Reservation System in India that “The Reservation is of the leader, It is for the leader and that is by the leader”.  Similarly, The current reservation system failed to implemented adequate facilities and ensure equal opportunity to whom, which has no any way to rise in the social condition, occupation and social status.  There is nothing exist.  Unfortunately, Reservation is the one of the most profitable issue to enjoy political benefits by leaders.  No one has real anxiousity about how to improve people from poverty, helplessness, bad social status.  No, all of the politician enjoy luxurious life in free government houses, vehicles, free manpower and other benefits using tax paid by these poors.
                                                A Research conducted by an orgnisation revealed that 90% of family’s lives in village doesn’t earn 5,000 rupees in one month.  However country’s approximately 40% population lives below the poverty level means, those can’t have more than 29 rupees a day.  Who are these people?  Who is the responsible for their plight?  In 67 years old Republic Nation can’t legislate any profitable plan for these family which don’t have shed, don’t have eat foods and don’t have cloth to get into.  Who is responsible, people or government?
Image result for reservation agitation image                                                All the law makers except exception often loud voice on behalf of Reservation.  But, Why do they hesitate to clarify and show any data about reservation facility used by which type of family, Were they really eligible for reservation?  I know very well that the reservation criteria is fully politicalized.  It is heaven for buttery family, which is totally able.  However, they gazing to catch every opportunity in the name of caste.  Why not they take it?  Our government is seems to be on back foot in the front of opposition uproar over every trifling issues.
                                                          No doubt that the political lethargy surely create many agitation like Jaat, Bhumihar and probably create many in future.  Altogether, anything happen related to reservation, our political system promised that they have not consider every point of reservation scheme until their personal political benefit revealed.

Writer:-  Ashwani kumar, patna (who ever want to become an
independent remarker…)

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