Saturday, 30 April 2016

Odds in Searching for Bride

Marriage is a hard and soft knot for both groom & bride.  Because after that both of the consort play a new role in their respective life and also has a lot of expectation, responsibilities to caring each other’s families.  But  the main tenterhook for groom side before marriage is, which type of girl will fit for their toddler (son)?  Who should be beautiful, smart, talented, gorgeous, well heighted and well education-sophisticated.  Similarly, Bride side also searched for well educated with earning respective salary consists of good family environment.  The priority for family nodding is given to groom side, because traditionally whole procedure from bride selection to dowry settlement and all function is decided and decision taken by groom side.  There need a bid of conscious in society.
                                                          First of all, I have realized many times at the time of bride selection for relatives that girl is feared and trembling on her face.  Because, Our Indian Society is male-dominated society, therefore which girl would surely hesitate who surrounded by eight-nine old age male.  Girls also worried about asking questions by the groom side and she has a lot of responsibilities to answered those questions.  I want to clear that the question asking during selection is necessary in the interest of well educated groom.

Image result for indian bride groom image                                                         Family want to know how she would dominate her family and also in the absence of his husband, and how she would dominate her family, how she would keep secure the dignity of her family  and also in the absence of his husband how she manage her responsibility?  Spouse having well understanding to pass whole life with each-other.  Because, marriage life run like two wheeler vehicle at the same platform of life.  So, I assumed that the searching for bride is very difficult decision for groom to choose one right girl for him…

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, patna ( who ever want to become an independent remarker)

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