Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Trembling from the strength of social media governance

The fourth pillar of democracy, the media called the Suchnatantra | The country and the world the fairness of the important reports, clearance and reliability to interact with the public | But the past decade, the image of the king and queen of the print and electronic media, stories, glamor and dazzle of the TRP is gone foggy | Freely took responsibility for informing the public of the truth of Meediatantra (not politics) driven by politicians, political parties, editors and anchors along the door is handed | The parties that particular channel or newspaper image you want to make your way to the public takes Nachakr | Raja Harishchandra incarnation of the people themselves and not tire out opponents devil | Those reports solely to newspapers and news channels were based on | Socnen good for the public at a special party was being forced and obviously showing a united opposition fear the threat of demolition to India was also shown us | People were bored | People did not expect the support staff without eating, not by without shaking the foundations of the regime casts | The government may be forced to Soncne end of what their people think that was the issue? Perhaps no one knew what is going to happen next?
Clanewalon number of Internet in the country since 2009, grew fairly rapidly | The country's young youngster Kauthulvs Facebook, Twitter went connect and maybe if I was connected to social media friends have seen seen | 2013 approached people on Facebook were beginning to discharge their views | Outspoken criticism of government inefficiency, the government began to harass | Pakistan first on a square-intersection between the murderer dared to perform and news to those who returned home from getting photographed | Their screams something emotional young regime tries to dissolve in their peace-talks his uniform so-called defenders before bursting into the head with sticks and yes some of the pills on Refusing to give away!
Congress resembled plundered the entire country for the second consecutive term of plunder was Kdbdaya | The atmosphere was warm and his expanding popularity of social media in the country was TRIUMPHSAND | And we all know what kind of a unique social media Narendra Modi, brave and mighty hero emerged as the country's power reached | UP to become PM of his way to say but the reality is that the 282 seats in the country was created by way of social media, lauded Gujarat, assured and the most important to a Hindu king The framework also had to put up |
Even today, BJP to power on our own rhythm Tokti, the temple does strand, becomes silent on Kashmir but the whole country knows the power of the flowing river in the country's outspoken young face.She sit in the boat, stream In the election to the throne of Delhi as tired spilled | Lament, of the future of young people who do not have anyone who is unemployed, household goods brought ten-twenty hundred bucks saved them, He was providing Internet Recharge tax increased to twice the value loaded |
Acutely aware of the power of social media, the government has been alarmed by criticism! He behaves like that of Pakistan's youth, to liberate Kashmir from Pakistan and the Kashmiri Pandits heartbreaking thing to defend the government stand? Our peace-loving government and the Prime Minister's request and the Facebook page of their parrot-Rtnt spokesmen advise Adminon running is not the land of the cowards | Even if we show anger at rising prices of pulses, lower the price of gasoline is not the Gandhian's displeasure show but we did not so that was hitting a slap on both cheeks when we bowed silently 'Budn Srnm Gchchhami Peace recite | We have to remember that once an ant of Sanatana Dharma descendant died accidentally buried expressed regret but for religion or country to take someone's life, even the best understands | So anyone who can not fight in the guise of tomatoes or onions to question the patriotism of anyone's rights?
Pathankot what just happened? Malda what just happened, happened in Purnia? no one knew! The face had been all folded | But the social media bar that opened in time | People from the actual reality of the moment began to simmer with anger introduced and youth | Finally, the media and the government was forced | Many difficult times social media is blind political followers stick to devise | Rajdeep, Barkha Sekyulron such wean shiver through the question will remain as long as our spirit of tolerance without brokers spit poison before check-tested social media should not fear | Yes there is a lot of social media spread the rumor that this nation has always nurtured the ambition to ruin chances are waiting for a | But the 'Akhand Bharat' sponsorship of sages and saints, but also the young youth | The secular, from the front has the potential to equal treatment and also provide some cowardly and timid | With properties demerit is the law of nature |
Well social media play an important role in India's current political and social landscape is no place for it Ashishnuon neither biased nor the intent of this great country are ruled nurtures leaders, who over the country Political pros and cons means more | We do not want a certificate of patriotism from | Because we are secular, modern and peaceful too, but when the time comes we can also victims of wheel ..... (more ... We have been and will continue to raise the question, why are fewer mistakes ... And yes, good deeds will be appreciated ... right!)
Author: - Ashwani Kumar, Patna (very angry when someone is pointing a finger along patriotism onions and lentils | aspirations and expectations of the young squirrels like us who live along the right but the levee improvements and to develop self-esteem The course will continue to play its role and assertiveness-discharge his blog saying that the mind '(ashwani4u.blogspot.com) will write on ....)
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