Monday, 25 January 2016

Why fearing Secular from ISIS?

Now, I have come once again with my English blog after long time. The large No. of secular leaders are anxious about ISIS reached India. what’s happening with this leaders and parties, who frequent demonstrate to save false propaganda against right of minorities i.e. Muslim? Entire circle of so called leaders often seen to protest with every issue of country, which gloom the image of government. But the issue of perceptional threat of Islamic State vibrate all the people specially, leaders. Because Islamic state’s terrorists assume that all anti-muslim is their enemy and they want to flag off again the throne of ‘Khalifaa’ around all over the world.
Image result for image of isis                        where did go the preach of moral and immoral of our Netas? Why are they not delivering their speech of human right? the plight of Indian society is made by that type of so called strategist of the nation who ever spree for their own interest. Islamic state apprehensiate with its power of ‘Jihad’ and also enhance their kingdom from irak & seria to iran, Saudi Arab, Afganistan. Main issue of ISIS threat for India. Islamic state has desired to take under shadow of islam at many occasion. However, our leaders don’t correct its nature to play vote bank card of muslims and appeasement of muslim law right. ISIS has gazing to find appropriate time to make first attack in India, which also proved by recently 17 accused held to spread terror in nation.
                        Narendra Modi’s government is not working properly to uproot terrorism from India specially J&K. Yet, The velly have witnessed of many anti-national activities by unfaithful kashmiries during approximate 2year of tenure. The implementation of Kashmiri pandit is on the file till now. Hence, It is time to fight solely against terror, nab them and also punish them who gives shelter. So Altogether, The conclusion extract from that the government has no time from convincing opposition and opposition has also no time to demonstrate at inferior issues. So, People will pray to god otherwise they have no way…

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, who ever want to become an independent remarker…     

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