Friday, 17 June 2016

International Yoga day

First International Yoga day had announced to celebrate on 21st June 2015 by the agenda approved by United Nation.  India is the origin of yoga which probably introduced by ‘Maharshi Patanjali’.  India played a big and important role to declare 21st June for international yoga day.  Yoga is the best physical meditation to secure one’s health be healthy.  The golden impact of yoga on people’s make it became popular rapidly towards whole world.  Our country is much populous in the context of daily yoga practitioner.  Now, The flag of yoga is being flied by yoga guru ‘Baba Ramdev’ in India.

            Benefits of Yoga reveal in good health, meditation, soothing and peace of mind.  Therefore, Many of people who treated their old disease to various doctors and spending a lot of money are also gain straight recovery from disease like pain, B.P, diabetes, weakness, mental pressure etc.  Not only India but also whole world is availing profit by yoga.  The various posture of yoga help our body to elastic and also assistance for strengthen our parts of body.  Today Nobody in the world can refuse to positivity of yoga or, Can say bad impact on their health because of having yoga workout daily.

Image result for yoga day image            World know the power of yoga, which is also called exercise.  But many of menace in our society always trying to communalize that for political gaining mindset.  Hence, we can proud on our yoga which is teaching to whole world with its history to assume ‘whole world is my family’.  We Indians ever pray to b e whole world may happy healthy and fit.

            International yoga day is a factor of proud for every Indians, because world follow our historical ancient culture to live long.

Writer:-  Ashwani kumar

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