Sunday, 12 June 2016

The importance of Science and Technology

It is 21st Century.  Today’s modern lifestyle is solely based on Science and Technology.  Can we think only day without science or technology?  That is very difficult to live.  Because we have totally dependent upon modern lifestyle which have so many technology based gadgets, mobile phones, i-pad etc always make our life easier.  We easily receive forthwith data about weather, temperature and also guess what happen next other day.  Mobile Phones have drawn a big impact on our daily life.  It is reduced distancy of common life.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are enhancing social life of the people.  Altogether, social media is playing a big role in every concurrent issues.
Image result for science and technology image                        The Invention of Science & Technology is boon for human life.  No one can refuse to the influence of science and technology in positive way.  In contrary, Negative and dark side of that also creating a ditch between thrives and poors.  But If we consider throughout top to the bottom, we can say that science construct a new line of knowledge with proof other than religious belief.  Science and Technology opened various types of dimension for human.  Today, we have successfully reached at Moon and Mars.  In near future we can confidently say that Human will fix milestones of new achievement which we would never think for that.

                        So, we shouldn’t forget the achievers of Science in the context of invention.  Mr. Albert Einstein, sir Ijeck Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Aryabhatt and our missile man ‘Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’ etc are real fighter to present their idea in the form of science and technology in front of people.  We solute them for their respective contribution, because by the help of it, we live luxurious and comfortable life.

                        Hence, The Importance of Science and Technology does not explained by us, because it provide more sufficiency than our expectation.

Writer:-  Ashwani kumar

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