Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The influence of Television on our lives

Invention of Television is a golden revolution in the context of today’s hasty lifestyle. It was time when J. L. Beyard wouldn’t think that one day that can have influence to reform anyone’s though, make unknown to known widely and also have power to shake anyone with its popularity.  But, these happened and continuously caring its importance in everyone life.  When, we talk about electronic media, programs broadcasting on television then we observed very sharp that we got as positive outcome as negative effect on our respected society.

Image result for television misuse image            The influence of television on our lives made it more easy, more communicative, more knowledgeable and much conscientious.  In these few years, competitions among thousands of channels make equity and considerable for everyone who doesn’t want to go anywhere or don’t have money to visit historical places.  Few television serials lead the mentality of our society in considerable way and show good message to viewers, but in contrary, our television have majority of third class channels which ever want to become first in race of TRP system without caring people or, which don’t care of spreading vulgerness on their respective channels.  Here is many dark spot of television’s life, where No one has idea to enhance nation, how to improve student’s skills by positive shows?  No, all of them going like as sheeps race.

            So, we can say that, the influence of television on our life made it easy to know and watch live for any incident forthwith with news channels, also we have much harmful effect on our daily life in the context of positive side of television.  The government must concentrate to work on restriction to broadcasting indecent programme which try to spread obscene environment towards the country especially for child age teen boy.  After which, If we successfully reform dark spot of television so, we definitely say that the invention of television is a great invention of world.

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, who ever want to become an independent remarker…    

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