Saturday, 4 June 2016

what can I do to save my planet?

Our planet is earth, probably earth is only found planet where environment is available and living is possible. We are very fortunate of having planet like earth where infinite kinds of creature survive.  Air, water, food etc also help human to live, grow and progress in all ways.  In few previous decades, we are facing a different kind of hindrance, that is pollution.  Air pollution, Soil pollution and water pollution have originated by human being for their personal profit.  Obviously in last 5-6 decades, we have cut infinite trees to make our life more luxurious, we produced intolerable amount of smoke by factories, vehicles and other luxurious goods.  By the result of which, today we stand on the danger level of pollution.
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            But, the main question is that how can we save my planet?  Where our population is increasing by leap and bound, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or methane or led consist smoke also destroying the area of ozone.  We have large and uncountable No. of A.C. Fridges running without caring for nature.

            My own opinion in the context of what can I do to save my planet is for trees, water, soil, river, minerals etc.  We should have to first stopped cutting trees, we should work to literate rural people who washed their cloth in the bank of river, washing animals in river etc.  Our government and many NGO definitely work in that sector but improvement is needed.

            Our gesture to save the Nature is not appropriate to today’s environment condition.  We have to come and plant tree necessarily, we have to reduce extraction of minerals from khans, we have to stop making dams, we need strict restriction on mountain destroying Because, our these needed is being created imbalanceness of earth.  We should use less a.c. or other hazardous goods which put in danger on our environment.  If I respect nature, Nature will also respect me.  If we exist carless about nature day by day so, Nature definitely introduce many disaster like Kedarnath, tumors etc.

            So, The safety of planet is on our hand.  We have to decide that how we care this.  I strongly supported the demand to make fundamental duty by UN that No one has any right to disorder Nature’s arrangement.  Whether which is Nuclear agenda of any country or agenda of industrialization.  If we don’t beware so, all of us definitely will appears one day on road with oxygen tank holding on back, that suffers many country in present.

Writer:-  Ashwani kumar

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