Thursday, 9 June 2016

Reservation system in India

The History of Reservation System in India started by implementation of Marlo-minto reforms 1909.  But the communal agenda of that reform had uproar much controversy and polemic for their religion based reservation.  After which, Montegue-Chemsford reforms 1919 and Government of India Act 1935, helped deprived people to secure their opportunities in govt. jobs or other places, whom ever treated untouchable for our society.
                        There is no doubt, Reservation definitely improved the social life of deprived.  Indeed, this 68 years after independence, Social, Financial and Personal lives of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe have increased very quickly.  The contribution of B.R. Ambedkar is unforgettable to abolish untouchability from our society.  However, support of Backward reservation recommended in 1990 by Mandal Commission headed by ‘Vindeshwari Prasad mandal’.  It is high time when, caste politics reached at zenith for political profit and treated as ‘propaganda’.  Many politicians cooked their own bread with it and opened difference shops of politics.
                        In the context of this, Supreme Court decided that the reservation is not exceed than 50 percent.  Because, That can violence of Article 16 which provide every citizen of nation equal right with similarities.  But today’s condition is not appropriate with this polemic system.  Many thinkers demand reservation on the basis of financial condition not on caste.  Casteism absolutely enhance discrimination among society.  Reservation should not be a political propaganda to polarize voters.
                        My own opinion on that matter is about secure reservation only for those which rightly need for it.  Don’t spend reservation cotas over well occupied person or family.  Casteism Reservation is silently creating voice of irritation among financially deprived general castes.  Therefore, They don’t have any mistake to born in general castes, which family haven’t house to live, no bread, no cloth exist.  Government should revise its polemic system in the interest of common man and recognize real needed people which is suitable for reservation in all sectors.
                        Hence, We must have responsibility to implemented that system honestly and don’t make it political issues.  So, therefore we can say proudly our Nation is a sign of unity and brothhoodness.

Writer:- Ashwani kumar, (This article have written to keep view for exam, not with my complete liberty to express my conception)

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